Who we are

The role of Intellectual Property in the growth of any organization is indisputable. Effective methodologies for Intellectual Property identification, protection, management and exploitation are the key to success, especially for knowledge based organizations. In addition, proper implementation and execution of iP strategies is equally imperative.

Orionis iP is a firm that has been established to provide end-to-end expert iP solutions at all stages in the life-cycle of iP in a pragmatic, qualitative and cost-effective manner across virtually all technological domains.

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Are your innovations profitable?

Securing IP is one part of the story, but equally important is to make these innovations ‘work’ towards increasing business profits.

We help our clients in integrating an intellectual property strategy that is suited for their business.

We assist them in securing as well as understanding how they can use their IP to maximise their business revenue and gain maximum competitive advantage.

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“Maximize Profits from Innovations, Integrate an IP Strategy with your Business Strategy NOW”